What we do

Below the line - Crackerjack is a full service advertising and graphic design agency handling overall marketing and branding strategies, and sales promotions.
Above the line - Crackerjack creates, plans and handles all types of advertising and promotional activities for clients.

Broadly our services include: developing and managing comprehensive and interconnected marketing campaigns, graphic design, advertising management, website design and management, consulting and training.

Action plans and marketing strategies

Crackerjack Advertising and Design is a team of experienced professionals that has been exposed to all levels and types of businesses over the years.

Strategically speaking, we have seen what works (and fails) and our clients can be assured of expert opinion and mature business advice.

Crackerjack will assist you in the development of traditional and digital marketing and advertising action plans and strategies that will create and grow consumer awareness of your brand. Consistent and sustained marketing efforts are part of creating a strong brand and will help you grow your brand and business.

Brand Creation, Rejuvenation and Corporate Identity

Through experience, we have learned that our clients are far more in touch with the culture and personality of their businesses and products than we could ever be. We take great pride in our ability to listen and take direction.

We ask questions like: What do you stand for? What do others think about you? Your strengths? Your weaknesses? What do you want to say about yourself? What are your competitors doing? What are your clients looking for?

All these questions give us a deeper understanding of what your product or company is all about. It is from this insight that we are able to develop your unique brand identity. Whether your brand needs rejuvenating, or a new logo altogether, our goal is to visually communicate your professionalism and trustworthiness to your clients in one "picture" - your very unique Logo and its supporting elements and marketing collateral.

Graphic Design & Communications

Businesses can rely on our wealth of industry experience and benefit from solutions based on tried and tested design and best-business practices.

Graphic Design

Crackerjack's graphic designers are highly qualified university professionals. Coupled with a wealth of business experience we offer you excellent graphic design and visual communication solutions that will work for your brand. Our out of the box thinking is all about communicating who you are to the outside world, as well as internally - to your own people.


Whether to motivate, retain and inspire the best staff, to proactively react to disasters, or improve systems and procedures - we can help you instill your organization’s values and key communication messages. See our internal visual communication work done for Nurture Health.

Websites, Internet Marketing and Social Media

The world has become a very small place and you are no longer competing against competitors in your region but from all across the globe. This competition puts your margins under pressure and emphasises your need for a solid reputation on the internet.

Website Design

We love to create websites that get our clients noticed and offers everything you need to build the best online reputation. We take the time to work closely with you, assisting you in developing relationships and engaging with existing and potential clients.

Website Optimisation

We ensure that your website is setup properly. We consider the quality of your hosting, source code and framework used and what it is costing you.

We also ensure that your website is linked up with all the correct webmaster tools and utilities and that they are setup to feedback regular return on investment information.


We ensure that your website contains quality content that is label correctly so that Google understands who you are and when it needs to recommend you.

Internet Marketing and Adverising

We can set you up with and give you guidance on a marketing and advertising strategy and perfect your message giving you the best chance of converting visits to enquiries.

Social Media Management

The future of business is social, we can help you to join in the conversation, have a direct link to your customers and clients, while encouraging awareness and brand continuity.