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Communication & Graphic Design

Brand Creation, Renewal, Corporate Identity & Communication Design

We are able to provide you with professional graphic design and visual communication solutions. Crackerjack's graphic designers are qualified university graduates who have expert knowledge of ‘tried and tested’ best design principles.

We deliver timeless and professional work and ensure that your brand identity is kept intact throughout the process.

Logo Design and Brand Renewal

We have buckets loads of experience and over the past 20 years, created many of our region’s successful brands. We have learnt to ask the right questions that give us a deep understanding of your needs. This, combined with our readiness to listen and take direction ensures that the essence of your business and products is communicated in one picture – your unique brand.

"Carara is a wonderful success story. From humble beginnings in 2004 to one of Grahamstown’s largest employers, Carara Agro Processing exports its products around the globe. It has been wonderful to have Crackerjack part of it."


Corporate Identity

A cohesive Corporate Identity enhances brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.

Being a full-service design agency allows us to ensure that our high standards are consistent across your corporate stationery, communications, packaging and marketing collateral.

We are able to roll out and oversee that your identity and branding speak a consistent message across every platform.

"Nurture Health has grown from a handful of hospitals in 2013 to one of South Africa’s most reputable physical and drug rehabilitation facilities in South Africa. Crackerjack has been responsible for our brand, improving our nursing documentation, our internet reputation and more recently paid for lead generation for our drug rehabilitation hospitals. Crackerjack has played an important role in our success in these areas."


Communication Design

Communication design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development which is concerned with how printed and electronic media communicate with people. It may include motivating your team to adhere to policies and procedures, streamline information gathering systems, proactively react to disasters, directing customers through your store or optimising marketing messages.

So, you understand a complicated idea or process but you need a simple way to explain it?

We help to make ‘the complicated’ simple to understand. By showing, rather than telling we can make ideas or concepts accessible to your audience. Find out how you can create structure and clarity, and select the right medium. It could be an animation, an infographic, a storyboard, a presentation, a poster or anything visual to get your point across. We facilitate the entire process and provide you with the resources you need.

Our Process

  1. We host a session at our office, or at yours, to create clarity and understand your needs
  2. We create concepts and sketches to validate and test if we understood correctly
  3. We test, iterate and improve the design
  4. We deliver the designs
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