Three likely threats to your business from the internet

Three likely threats to your business from the internet

The internet has had a massive effect on the broadcasting, publishing and film industries. Giant operations like DSTV, NuMetro, Sterkinekor, Musica and newspaper houses, to name a few, are having to rapidly change their business models to survive the radical changes the internet is presenting. This is an example of how, as everyday South Africans, we are noticing the landscape changing and how our lifestyle and choices are changing with it.

Small to medium sized operations are also affected by the onslaught, as it is becoming increasing difficult to survive let alone grow. These are three likely threats the internet presents to small and medium sized businesses:

1. You can no longer rely on the Yellow Pages for lead generation

10 years ago, your customers would turn to the Yellow Pages to find your products and services. Now people turn to Google, and if you are not on the first pages of the search results, the businesses who are, are most probably picking up the leads.

2. The threat of the large chain stores

The extra value an independent owned store offers as part of their service, is the recommendations and personal attention from a seasoned expert who has years of experience in the field.

The internet gives us access to this knowledge. We are able to tap into other peoples’ experiences from all over the world via Youtube and Pinterest, compare products and prices and get recommendations and advise from a broad community of people.

The large chain stores offer a massive range of products at good prices that is positioned in a convenient location. Customers are finding diminished value in the expertise independent operations have to offer and as a result it is becoming increasing difficult to rely on customer loyalty.

3. Soon you will be able to buy everything online from the massive e-commerce operations

Retailers will struggle to compete against online operations like Takealot, who offer free delivery and a no-questions-asked returns policy, and products at keen prices.

What do small businesses need to do?

Small businesses must take care of their online reputations. They need to:

  • be found online by their existing and prospective customers,
  • be recognised by the community, and Google, as an authority and
  • develop customer loyalty through providing value channels that large online operations may struggle with.

How Crackerjack can help you

Talk to us about how we can shape strategies that influence the public perception of your business or brand on the internet, and help you flourish. We utilise search engine and social media advertising, and optimise your website so that it is accessible organically and encourages the conversion of visitors to customers – making sure that consumers in the market for your products and services are able to find you and that they feel comfortable doing business with you.