Marketing Success Through Analysis

Crackerjack combines analytics and action – acting on data for better marketing results!

Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing and analysing marketing performance to maximise effectiveness and optimise return on investment (ROI). Understanding marketing analytics allows Crackerjack to be more efficient at our jobs and minimise wasted marketing Rands.

The Importance Of Marketing Analytics

The importance of marketing analytics is obvious: if something costs more than it returns, it’s not a good long-term business strategy.

Using marketing analytics we monitor campaigns and their respective outcomes, enabling clients to spend their marketing budgets as effectively as possible.

Marketing analytics offers profound insights into customer preferences and trends. With the search engines, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, and powerful new tracking products, marketing analytics is more powerful than ever:

  • Keyword, ad, and campaign level tracking: linking inbound telephone calls to PPC, direct, organic, social and referral traffic.
  • Call tracking provides an additional layer of marketing insight that shows the impact of campaigns on inbound lead generation.
  • Analytics on phone calls and online conversions.
  • Multi-channel attribution tracking, uncovering the marketing activities that lead to conversions and revenue.
Marketing Analytics