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Internet Marketing
Have you noticed how small the Yellow Pages have got? When last did you use the Yellow Pages?
In-market people no longer use the Yellow Pages, they turn to Google to find the products and services they are looking for.

The world has become a very small place and you are no longer competing against competitors in your region but from all across the country and even the globe. This competition puts your business under new pressures and emphasises your need for a solid reputation on the internet.

To flourish or even just survive you need to be guaranteed that consumers in the market for your products and services are able to find you and that they feel comfortable engaging with you online.

Search on Google

1. Visit Google, on your phone and desktop
It is important to know that the search results pages display differently across devices.

2. Search for your products and services
Put yourself in your customers' shoes. Enter the keyword phrase that you think your customers will use to find your products and services. Don't enter your company name, remember you are targeting new business, so enter 'plumbers port elizabeth' not 'ABC Plumbers'.

3. Assess your reputation on Google
What do you see on the search results pages? Are you on the first page - or the second - how many of your competitors outrank you? If customers aren't able to find you on the internet you need to take action! Call us!

"Crackerjack's experience, knowledge, approachability and professionalism is what sets them apart and will benefit all those that use them as consultants."


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of a business or brand on the internet.

Online Reputation Management includes:

  • The techniques and strategies that ensure that people find the right material when they look for you on the Internet.
  • The monitoring of the Search Engine Results Pages and mentions in online media.
  • The monitoring and reacting to consumers leaving online reviews and citing experiences on social networking sites.
  • Countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found on the Internet – defeating it with more positive material to improving your credibility and customers' trust in you.

Online reputation management is huge in terms of having your clients find you and giving your clients, especially new clients, confidence when they are looking at buying from you.

Our online reputation management solutions ensure that you are found on the internet and helps you to put your best foot forward.

Website Design

We love to create websites that get our clients noticed and offer everything you need to build the best online reputation. We take the time to work closely with you, assisting you in developing relationships and engaging with existing and potential clients – always on a mission to boost your conversion rate.

Content Creation and Curation

Google want their users to find useful content - that is their main aim. Google have placed a big emphasis on great, original and valuable content rewarding publishers with large amounts of traffic and higher search rankings.

Website Optimisation

We ensure that your website is setup properly. We consider the quality of your hosting, source code and framework used and what it is costing you.
We also ensure that your website mobile friendly and is linked up with all the correct webmaster tools and utilities and that they are setup to feedback regular return on investment information.


Generally, this is seen as the longer term strategy but the one that will bring the biggest rewards in the future.
We ensure that your website contains quality content that is labelled correctly so that Google understands who you are and when it needs to recommend you.

Internet Marketing and Advertising

We can set you up with and give you guidance on an internet marketing and advertising strategy and perfect your message giving you the best chance of converting visits to enquiries or sales.

Social Media Management

The future of business is social, we can help you to join in the conversation, have a direct link to your customers and clients, while encouraging awareness and brand continuity.

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